Evaluations & Buying

Pismo Beach Coins Etc. Gallery

Helping educate people by providing free evaluations has always been something I’ve enjoyed. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about many different types of collectibles — starting with coins, and I’m a member of the American Numismatic Association — as well as antiques, collectibles, jewelry, vintage toys, and so on.

I really enjoy sharing the history of a piece and watching people light up when they learn more about it. Before long, the box of seemingly random stuff you’ve inherited now has stories, context, and relevance. With that knowledge, you can make the best decision on keeping or selling it. I’m happy to provide this free service to you.

I also buy your broken, old, or unwanted gold and silver jewelry.

We Buy Unwanted, Broken, and Scrap Jewelry

If you have broken or old unwanted gold and silver jewelry, bring it in for a free evaluation. We’ll analyze the precious metal content and offer a fair price.

You may have an undiscovered treasure sitting in a drawer. Maybe you’ve inherited a coin collection, or you have a jar of old coins you’ve been adding to for years. Or maybe you have old toys, antique lamps, memorabilia, or Grandma left you her jewelry box.

Whatever you have, we’d love to take a look! If you’re curious about what your items are worth, bring them for a free evaluation. Private appointments are available. These are fun conversations where you’ll learn more in a no-pressure environment. You can relax and enjoy the education.

Tip! Please never clean your coins. This can destroy their value.

When you have more information about the value, you can make an informed decision about selling or keeping your items. If you decide to sell, and if it’s an item we want to add to our inventory, you’ll be offered a fair price.

We Buy Collectibles

We provide evaluations on a number of items. Here’s a partial list of the collectibles we’re interested in buying:

  • Old coins
  • Tokens & medals
  • Early plastic tube & transistor radios
  • Vintage toys
  • Slot machines
  • Other early coin-operated machines
  • Old pocket knives
  • World War II items
  • Political buttons
  • Old jewelry